Reach Beyond The Sky

And There Are No Limits!!

Innovative Rebel Scientist Isaac Lasley's
Unified Theory Of Physics


That Is Why We Have Time Zones!!

Time Does Not Exist In Outer Space As It Does On Earth.
The Space-Time Continuum Only Exists To Measure Relative Distance In My Universe And Has No "Physical" Presence!
Humans Created The Concept Of The Clock & Calendar To Better Understand Days, Aging, & The Seasons When The Earth

Was Flat. Einstein Put Time In Outer Space,

But That Doesn't Mean He Was Right!!!

The Sundial Doesn't Work In Outer Space!!!


          The Universe And Everything Found Within It Are Composed of Electromagnetic Energy Particles, Waves, Fields, And Energy Flow That Exist On The Electromagnetic Spectrum! Humans Created The Clock And The Calendar! Biological Aging Would Exist Without Either Of Them. Einstein Put Time In Space, As Light Would Travel At The Same Speed If Space Were Measured In Terms Of A Jupiter Year Rather Than An Earth Year. Biological Time Does Not Exist At Zero Gravity As It Does Inside The Earth's Electromagnetic Atmospheric Layers That Press Down On The Earth While The Earth's Core Pulls The Energy From Which Everything Is Composed Towards It To Cause Earth's Gravity! Similar To Matter Made Of Atoms, Each With A Nucleus Of Electromagnetically Bound Protons And Electrons With Electromagnetic Waves Emanating From It Pulling Down On The Electromagnetic Fields Of Electrons Surrounding Them With Electromagnetic Energy Flowing Throughout Each Atom.

            Earth Calendar Time Occurs As The Sun And Earth's Energy Flow Keeps The Earth In Continuous Motion To Create Days And Nights. Years Are Determined By How Many Earth Days It Takes To Get Around The Earth's Electromagnetic Field Surrounding Our Sun! The Sun (Made Of Matter) Has Planetary Systems, Each With Their Moons Orbiting; Each In Their Own Magnetic Field! Biological Time Occurs As A Result Of The Work Cells Do Fighting Gravity With All Types Of Growth, Movement, And With Every Breath. Cells Are Trying To Move Up Between The Electromagnetic Layers Of The Atmosphere Pressing Down On Them, While The Waves Of The Earth's Core Pull Down On Them, Causing Cellular Work. That Is Why Long Term Space Station Astronauts Return To Earth Biologically Younger, Their Body Cells Do Much Less And Hardly Any Work To Continually Function Correctly At Zero Gravity!

          The Universe Is Not Expanding, It Is Flowing; As All Electromagnetically Based Levels Of The Universe Do! The Earth's Energy Flow Can Be Seen Every Time You Flush The Toilet As The Water Swirls In Opposite Directions Depending On Which Side Of The Equator You Reside! The Earth's Electromagnetic Energy Flow Can Also Be Seen With The Weather And Radar. Our Moon Orbits The Earth In It's Own Electromagnetic Field Outside Of Our Atmosperic Layers. Have You Ever Noticed How The Eye Of A Hurricane Resembles A Black Hole? That Is Because They Are Both Electromagnetically Based Vortexes. A Physical Space-Time Continuum Never Existed, And Now No Longer Exists, Except To Measure Relative Distance In Outer Space! The Universe Is Dimensionless And Electromagnetically Bound On All Levels!!

          Once It Is Accepted That The Universe Is Composed Of Electromagnetic Particles, Waves, Fields, And Energy Flow On All Levels; From The Atoms Composed Of Protons and Electrons To Make Matter; To The Planetary Systems, Solar Systems, Galaxies, And Beyond; The Universe Will Become A Much Smaller Place! We Will Make Electromagnetic Planetary Vehicles, Then Break The Light Barrier To Start, Traveling Like UFO's. We Can Then Develop Technologies To Enjoy Like Disintegrators, Relpicators, And Teleporters! A Relative PEACE Among Humanity Will Hopefully Occur Afterwards With All Of Our World Hunger Needs Being Met Using Replicators, And An End To All Global Waste With Disintegrators That Recycle Anything! As We Will Need Fewer Crop Fields To Feed The Earth's Population Well We Will Be Able To Plant More Trees. Using More Planetary Vehicles That Emit No CO2 And More Trees Around The World That Will Suck Up The CO2 To Release More Oxygen Into The Atmosphere, We Will Hopefully Be Able To Reverse The Effects Of Global Warming! Teleporters Will Also Revolutionize Medicine To Remove Cancers, Viruses, And Diseases From The Human Body, As Well As Mend Broken Bones Or Other Tissues In One Transport!


Beware, This Could Also Open Up
Disintegrator Weapons And Clone Wars!
With Great Power Comes
Great Responsibility!!

Let's Break The Light Barrier

To Travel Outer Space

Faster Than Light!!!

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A "Neutron" Is A Proton And An Electron!

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Protons & Electrons Are Electromagnetically Charged Particles!!

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2012 Edition

2012 Edition

First, Science Must Pull It's Head Out Of Einstein's Ass To See Light For What It Is, Electromagnetic Energy; And Not Worry About How Fast It Travels Through Outer Space As A Speed Limit!!! Earth Time And A Relatively Flat Physical Fabric Do Not Exist In Outer Space, As The Universe Is Dimensionless And Electromagnetically Bound On All Levels!! The Universe Is Composed Of Matter (Protons And Electrons), Anti-Matter (Anti-Protons And Positrons), Energy Waves, Energy Fields, And Energy Flow On All Levels. The Atom Is The Model For All Levels Of The Universe As It Is Composed Of Electromagnetic Particles, Electromagnetic Waves, Electromagnetic Fields, And Electromagnetic Energy Flow! Neutrons Are Accepted For What They Are, A Proton And Electron; Or An Anti-Proton And A Positron, Depending On If We Are Referring To Matter Or Anti-Matter. There Are No Neutral Particles In Unified Physics. We Need To Understand The Periodic Table A Bit Differently As An Electromagnetic Map Of Elements, As The Universe And Everything Found Within It Should Now Exist On A
New Electromagnetic Spectrum!!

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Ignorance Is Bliss,

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It Is Clear That Nobelium Has 259 Protons And 157 Electrons In The Electromagnetically Bound Nucleus, As Well As 102 Electrons In The Atom's 7 Electromagnetic Fields Surounding The Nucleus; With Elelectromagnetic Energy Waves Flowing Throughout The Atom!!


The Atom Is The Electromagnetic Model

For All Levels Of The Universe!


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