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You can learn about the ways in which many types of cancer directly effect the human body and the ways in which modern medicine treats cancer. By understanding the most up to date treatments and the ways in which cancers progress people will be able to better their own therapy. The effects of many specific cancer types and how treatments may be applied to each of them can now be understood more easily. There are many effective cancer treatments that are available besides traditional surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. This book is for anybody who has cancer, knows somebody with cancer, or just wants to improve their

knowledge about cancer and treatments. (57,505 words)

Table of Contents
Introduction 5
What Is Cancer and Why Does It Occur? 7
Diagnostic Techniques 10
What Cancer Treatments May Be Used? 18
Bladder Cancer 57
Bone And Connective Tissue Cancer 66
Brain/CNS Cancer 73
Breast Cancer 83
Colorectal Cancer 97
Kidney Cancer 105
Leukemia 114
Liver Cancer 143
Lung Cancer 153
Lymphoma 167
Multiple Myeloma 188
Ovarian Cancer 196
Pancreatic Cancer 206
Prostate Cancer 214
Skin Cancer 225
Stomach Cancer 243
Testicular Cancer 252
Thyroid Cancer 261
Uterine Cancer 272
General Cancer Resources 281
Resources For Children With Cancer Or Having A Family Member With Cancer 283
Author’s Final Note 285
References 286
Picture References 330

21st Century Cancer Treatment

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