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Have you ever wondered how we could make cancer literally disappear from the body without it having to be physically removed? “A Curative Cancer Treatment” describes a genetic procedure that induces natural cell death in cancer cells. Since the cancer cells are killed through the body’s natural process of apoptosis the cancer is flushed from the system without side effects. Be aware that cancer organizations and non-profits continue to profit hundreds of billions of dollars each year from all cancers and expensive treatments as long as cancer is not cured! So they continue to receive funding for research and won't consider this process for experiment because it has too much potential; and if implemented would put the cancer treatment industry out of business. This innovative genetic cancer therapy can hopefully put an end the profiteering cancer industries after this treatment is finally implemented! Essentially, this book shows how a virus can be genetically modified to target each genetic line of cancer and induce apoptosis in those cells. Thousands of curative cocktails would be made, but cancers can be effectively cured! There are thousands of genetic lines of cancer, but two people can have the same genetic type, so we would need a curative cancer treatment cocktail bank. (16,198 words)

Table of Contents
Introduction 4
What Is Cancer and Why Does It Occur? 5
What Is The Core Cause Of Cancers? 8
What Cancer Treatments Are Currently Used? 9
What Genes Can Be Activated To Stimulate Apoptosis? 16
Which Apoptosis Genes Are On Each Chromosome? 24
Which Apoptosis Genes Are Mutated In Each Cancer Type? 30
Which Apoptosis Genes Are Most Commonly Mutated In Cancer? 32
Which Apoptosis Genes Are Available In Each Cancer? 34
How Can Apoptosis Be Stimulated In Cancer Cells? 60
Experiments 78
Conclusions 84
Author’s Final Note 85
References 87
Picture References 112

A Curative Cancer Treatment

Call and write your representatives, senators, governor, and president to tell them to stop throwing away money on old cancer treatments. We need to start creating curative cancer treatment cocktails for each genetic line of cancer. The biggest problem impeding a cure for cancer being produced is that the majority of National Cancer Institute, American Cancer Society, American Society of Clinical Oncology, National Intstute of Health, and American Medical Association scientists believe, or hope, that cancer can never really be cured so they can stay in business making hundreds of billions of dollars a year treating cancers, using methods that may or may not actually help stop the spread of cancer, and "searching" for a cure.

The anti-CD47 cancer treatment is likely The CURE FOR CANCER! Now we have to force modern medicine to begin curing 100% of stage 1 & 2 Cancers, 95%+ of Stage 3 Cancers, and 88% of

Stage 4 cancers with this genetic therapy as the 2016 Stanford grant was renewed again after 15 years of "study"! My "A Curative Cancer Treatment" is similar to the anti-CD47 cure in that a genetic cure would need to be made for each genetic line of cancer. There are many, but it's a limited number!

There is also a natural Chinese herbal remedy that is consumed

like a salad and cures 98% of All Cancers!!


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          I was inspired to write this book after I consulted two professors of microbiology from two different universities in an effort to enter the curative treatment process into an inventor's contest just before my last full semester before I graduated college. After I made each of the professor's eyes bug out of their faces far enough to push their glasses down to the tips of their noses they both told me, "That would likely work!" and that I needed to copyright my idea by writing a book, unless I wanted to be ripped off by the contest promoters.

          Of course, the cancer treatment industry is only interested in making higher profits. This was made very clear to me as I sent the book to the National Cancer Institute, American Cancer Society, National Society of Clinical Oncology, and the National Institute of Health, among others like a few universities after it was published. None of them responded, or maybe a couple did with a we'll see attitude, but never after the initial message received response. The cancer treatment industry has made it very clear to me personally that they would rather make more money treating cancers, instead of saving more lives by curing cancers.