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Jack and his partner work to track down a killer who uses strange methods to disintegrate and decapitate victims. The first victims are from the moon filled with casino resorts, so there are many possible suspects. Captain Fire keeps his officers working hard when they hit a snag. It is amazing how the officers proceed! Unified physics technologies help

make life and work easier throughout the story.

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Detective Jack and his partner have to track down a vampire to stop his killing spree that is tearing up the city. There are already a few victims when they get put on the case.

The vampire always seems stalk and kill victims at night.

Jack and his partner are now on the trail looking to find the doctor who has been missing for days. Dr. Tim Drew is a professor of unified physics who may have been abducted by a group that wishes to end his career. He must be found soon before possible

mind manipulation techniques are used on him to destroy his brain.

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Jack is a detective who works on a planet further than can be seen from earth and makes records of his works. On this planet unified physics technologies like replicators, teletransporters, and vehicles that can travel faster than light are commonly used throughout society. Politicians still get crazy in this futuristic world and so do their spouses. While violent crimes are less common with these great technologies interpersonal conflicts are still common place. This is a story about how a cheating senator and his wife resolved marital disputes outside of the

courts, but with a little help for the senator from the cops.

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