Matter is composed of atoms. An atom is composed of pure positive and negative electromagnetic energy particles known as protons and electrons; remember a "neutron" is nothing more than a proton and electron; as well as electromagnetic waves flowing between the particles and the negatively charged fields containing electrons.

Therefore the basis of all matter is electromagnetic energy
particles, waves, fields, and energy flow.

Evident By Long Term Space Station Astronauts Consistently
Coming Home To Earth From Missions Aged More Slowly, or "biologically younger"!!

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This book shares a new theory of unified physics about how all levels of the universe and the atom exist on the same theoretical plane. Everything in the universe exists on the electromagnetic spectrum! As a result of this new theory many improvements can be made to the collective quality of lives around the world. We can utilize the innovative technologies proven possible in this book only after we first accept that a physical “space-time continuum” does not exist, except to measure relative distance in outer space. Physics are now unified as both the atom and the universe are both undeniably electromagnetically bound. Our universe and everything found within it are composed of electromagnetic energy particles, waves, fields, and energy flow. The seven layers of the atmosphere surrounding the planet, the electromagnetic layers of the earth's crust beneath our feet, and the work that our cells do to move between them cause biological time to occur. "Time" exists on the earth as a result of gravity. (18,094 words)

Table of Contents
Introduction 4
Unified Physics 5
The Future is at Hand 19
The Collective Unconscious 32
Humanity’s Intergalactic Future 63
Our Future Progress 77

Gravity Now!!

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