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Now that unified physics are clearly proven in “Gravity Now!!” the technological breakthroughs are described in detail through this book to show how many ideas of fiction can now truly become a part of reality. The universe and everything found within it are composed of electromagnetic energy particles, waves, fields, and energy flow. We can live in a world free from hunger by utilizing a replicator, similar to that seen in “Star Trek.” We can live in a world where the airplane, train, and automobile become relatively obsolete as a result of teletransportation between point A and B transport units. We can end human waste using disintegrators. Unified physics can empower humanity on many levels as these technological breakthroughs become commonplace around our planet earth. We will be able to end our collective addiction to the majority of fossil fuels easily using replicators for lower cost production and help for an easier transition to newer technologies. Humanity will also be able to explore our universe in space ships that can travel faster than light! (20,375 words)

Table of Contents
Introduction 4
Unified Physics 8
Replicator 21
Disintegrator 30
Teletransporter 35
EM Vehicle Designs 43
A Greater, Better, and Healthier World! 55
EM Weapons 80
A Hopeful Future 92
Conclusions 103

The Power of Unified Physics!

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